Top 8 Adventure games for Android

Top 8 Adventure games for Android


Skill, puzzles and fabulous stories: that’s what fans of adventure games want. In this article, we will introduce you to the games that we think are the best in this genre.

1) Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s books, as well as the series derived from them, have become cult and it is therefore not surprising to find them in a video game. In this adventure, you are plunged into the north of Westeros with the Forrester house. It’s best to be familiar with the Game of Thrones universe, of course. Still, the beautiful graphics, the simplicity of the game and its atmosphere make it an exciting adventure game. It contains six episodes and a second game is currently under development.

2) Lost Echo

You play Greg, Chloe’s friend. Chloe calls you and seems nervous; she wants you to meet her at the park. While she’s getting her ice cream, she suddenly disappears. The strangest thing is that nobody remembers her! Can you find out where she went? This exciting story is played with beautiful graphics and music. Beginners will appreciate the help that is provided in the game; more experienced players will enjoy being able to disable this help just as much.

3) Gemini Rue

This game appeared in 2011 on PC by, and it didn’t take long to convince mobile users as well. It’s a rather dark science-fiction game that reminds us of classic movies like Blade Runner. In this strange atmosphere, you play as the professional killer Azriel Odin who is looking for his brother. The story is exciting, and being able to play two characters is a bit different from traditional games.

4) Secret Files Tunguska

It took more than eight years for players to see Secret Files Tunguska finally. It was worth the wait, thanks in part to its history. The heroine, Nina, finds herself at the centre of a criminal case involving conspiracies, secret experiments and kidnappings. The Point and Click gameplay is also one of the strengths of the game and will delight fans of the genre.

5) The Walking Dead (season 1 and 2)

Those who know the series or comics The Walking Dead know that the fight against the undead is exciting, different and sometimes a little sad. In these Telltale games, you will find all these feelings. After several minutes of play, you are already shaking with the main characters and want them to survive the apocalypse.

6) Unknown Soldiers

War is a theme often discussed in video games. Unlike violent games such as Call of Duty, Unknown Soldiers takes a gentler approach to the subject while showing the horror of the first war. In this adventure game, different people fight each other on the battlefield. The game uses UbiArt Framework (already known from Rayman Legends and Child of Light) to show these terrible stories and insert this atmosphere. The fun doesn’t have any particularly revolutionary elements, but the beautiful storyline mostly compensates this.

7) Machinarium

Under beautiful guitar tunes, you help a small robot to save the city from another robot that is trying to destroy it. This is a Point-and-click game that manages to convince thanks to the Steampunk graphics and its original game concept.

8) Finding Teddy

This game tells the story of a little girl whose monster has stolen stuffed animal in her sleep. As she searches for her animal in a closet, she finds herself propelled into a magical world where she will fight monsters and help other creatures while continuing her search. The game follows a classic Point and Click pattern, in which you tap on the screen to explore the surroundings, or drag and drop to use objects. There is no dialogue in the game, only puzzles that need to be solved. Also, you can record your progress in the game at any time. The graphics give the game a unique atmosphere that is very pleasant.

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