Don’t get bored when you have these online games to play during lockdown

Don’t get bored when you have these online games to play during lockdown


When India had started its initial 21-day lockdown, people were confined to their homes. As a result, after completing their daily household chores, they ran out of things to do. You must have been missing your friends terribly as all your night-outs and dine-outs have come to a complete halt.

How about playing team games during lockdown? Gaming reduces stress and so playing online games with friends and family can work as a stress buster. Are you not sure about the games you should start off with? Here are the names you should definitely try!


Is there still anyone who hasn’t heard about this extremely interesting online game? If you still haven’t, you surely lived under the rock! This is a multi-player game that is based on survival of the fittest. You are placed on an island with 99 rivals. You have to kill your enemies, devise winning techniques and succeed as the only man standing alive. This is undoubtedly the best online game to try during lockdown.

2. Fortnite

This is one more hit among households as long as royal battles are concerned. Did you ever watch The Hunger Games? This game is also based on the survival of the fittest strategy. It is one of the best lockdown online games for family. You will find yourself parachuting in an island looking for weapons within crates. Hunt other players and set up defense systems. As you will play with real people on the internet, each game will be different.

3. Candy Crush

This is a rather simple yet attractive game that features shiny graphics along with colorful candy. Once you start playing this game, you will soon get super addicted to it. The constant power-ups make the game rather too interesting. This is a 3star system that deals with strategic planning and replayability. The best thing about Candy Crush is that you can play for 5minutes or even an hour.

4. Clash of Clans

This is a bit different combat strategy game. Clash of Clans or CoC is a game where you have to build your village. Once you do that, you have to train the troops who will be later on sent on battles where they compete in clan wars. You see fire-yielding wizards, Mustachioed barbarians and several other interesting things when you play this multiplayer game.

5. Ludo King

Ludo has always been one of the best household games since time immemorial. However, now that the entire world has chosen to go online, why play board games when you have the online version? The online gaming version, Ludo King lets you play Ludo with not just your family members but also with your friends. If you log-in through your Facebook ID, you can play with any of your Facebook friends who are also using the same app.

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