07 Ways to Promote Gut Health

07 Ways to Promote Gut Health


Stomach health is important and essential to all. A bad or unhealthy stomach leads to more problems than one can imagine. Not only would it pave way for gastrointestinal disorders but will also come with many other health complications. 

A friend of mine recently visited a gastroenterologist in Karachi, and he told her that stomach issues are deeply connected with the brain. A good stomach is always a sign of a healthy body. 

Now to maintain that good stomach you need to eat the right type of food to promote its health. 

Eating Whole Grains

Whole Grains contain more fiber than processed foods and also contain complex carbohydrates rather than simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs make you feel full at the appropriate time without leading to overeating. They take time to digest Wil allows your body to properly digest the food before going for your next meal. 

The fiber in the food promotes gut health and also nearly completes the daily requirement of Fiber. With fiber foods, you have less or no chance of getting constipation. The good gut bacteria nourishes in the presence of fiber. 

Probiotic Yogurt and Food

Yogurt is full of Probiotics which also promote gut health. Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your digestive health. 

These good bacteria fight the infections and bad bacteria and prevent them from making a home in your stomach. Kefir and sauerkraut is also a good source of Probiotics. Probiotics can also be taken in the supplement form. 

Keeping Away from Stress

Your stomach can sense when you are in distress. Stress not only harms our mental health but also our physical health. It disrupts our diet, our daily routine, and sends distress signals to the stomach. 

The good probiotics can make themselves scarce if you are stressed, which leads to disruptive digestion. Good food is always needed to improve your mood and to overcome stress. 

Consume Less Sugar

Almost every processed food or refined carb that you eat has sugar in it. Sugar disrupts the balance of the stomach. The fat and sugar from refined and processed food give tango a new definition. 

This is the added sugar in the form of sucrose and fructose in the foods and drinks that destroy healthy gut bacteria and allow the bad bacteria to thrive and grow. They also promote obesity, diabetes, and can affect your heart health. 

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are just that artificial. Many foods and drinks we consume already have added sugar. On top of that when we opt for artificial sweeteners rather than natural sweeteners in the food we allow foreign entities to enter our stomach and make a home there. 

Artificial sweeteners in no way promote gut health. If you want to have less sweet options eat dark chocolate or low-fructose fruit as an option rather than go for a sweetener. They can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for all life forms. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your body. Not only does it allow the brain a chance to rest but also allows the stomach to recoup and rejuvenate from last night’s activity.

Digestion is considered to be an abrasive activity. Sleeping and the huge gap between meals allows the stomach to restore to its default setting. Sleeping also promotes gut health. 

Lack of sleep leads to massive hormonal and diet changes that can disrupt the regular activity of the stomach and cause indigestion or other stomach issues. 

Painkillers are not your Gut’s Best Friend 

Stacking up on NSAIDs is not a good idea. Eating too many painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication can alter the stomach microbiome which can upset the stomach greatly. 

Chronic use of such medications can actually cause ulcers in the lining of the stomach, hence irritating the stomach and leading to intestinal inflammation. 

If you want a healthy gut and avoid getting an upset stomach then you need to make slight changes in your daily life and diet. A healthy stomach can lead to good health and a good mood while an upset stomach can cause many other health complications that you’d most likely want to avoid. 

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