Will it not create the feeling of guilt that you are pronouncing the words with difficulty? Obviously, it will. Will it not be considered as a blunder that you misspelled some words because you don’t have enough grip on the basics of English while applying for the highest paying job? This spelling difficulty is because you are not familiar with the spellings of the word you’re pronouncing.

Spelling is an art of assembling letters in a sequence to make a suitable and understandable word. It holds an important place in the learning process of any language. Moreover, nowadays, it is taking apogee place in the digital world.


Quality of delivering the demands the grip on basic learning that depends upon the spellings and pronouncing the words perfectly. In literacy development, spellings are important for

  • Communication: A good communication is achieved by holding grammar and spellings correctly. Now, online communication connects people all around the world through social media which depends upon sending and receiving mails.
  • Literacy: Overall literacy development depends upon the interlinked reading and spelling skills. Proven comprehension skills are closely interlinked to spelling, reading, and writing that must control the grip on speaking.
  • Employment: Employment opportunities are availed by good communication skills, achieved by pronouncing the words correctly. Exponential growth in job hunting is increasing day by day and suitable applications must have correct spellings to deliver the message perfectly.

To interact successfully, it is important for your children to develop good communication skills. Whether the communication is verbally or textually, success of both lies under the correct pronunciation and spellings respectively.

If you are searching for the platform that serves your children with the best spelling quizzes and can teach your children to spell words correctly, then this article is for you.


Spelling tests helps in developing robust vocabulary. Irregularly spelled words are also taught by the instructors based on the traditional view of the spelling system. Some people can’t recognize the connection between letters and sounds. These tests teach the same connection perfectly to meet the requirements of the English Language.

Learning spellings improves reading and writing. We can say that spelling is the basic thing to learn before going for other language strategies. Memorization is the key to learning.

Online spelling tests and quizzes:

Gaining spelling mastery isn’t an easy task to do. One has to pass several tests and get several certifications to make it up to the required mastery. For this process, by taking some important things into consideration regarding vocabulary, the developers came up with several applications to digitalize the spelling tests. Generally, four types of spelling tests are held;

  • Oral Spelling test: The trainer or instructor pronounces the word loudly in an understandable manner and students write down each word.
  • Spelling-bee test: The teacher asks the different students to pronounce different words loudly. It is a difficult test among all.
  • Proofreading style: Students are provided with the sentences and paragraphs in which the spellings are not written correctly. The students have to correct the spellings
  • Multiple Choice tests: Three to four options are given to the students as multiple choice and students have to choose the correct word.

Today’s technology has vast hands in all the fields so is the case with the English Language. Different applications and software come on board with the best functionalities but it seems difficult to trust because most of these are spam. Some of the applications are free but most of the applications have premium paid plans. It must be sure that the application, on which a person is investing, should be authentic.

Rather than going and taking classes, everything is online. The best application to look for vocabulary improving is SpellQuiz.


SpellQuiz.com holds spelling quizzes. It prepares you for the Spelling Bee competitions and makes sure that you’ve succeeded in achieving the goal. In the end, it also gives you the report of your performance in which all the remarks are mentioned to improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills of the English Language.

Spell Quiz offers the spelling quiz from Grade 1 to Grade 12 that is followed by vocabulary tests, spelling tests, spelling bee, and Fun Quizzes. This helps improves the vocabulary of an individual by taking the test and also the comprehension skills. The grading system is the best format of this website that doesn’t grind the one to search for the different levels.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. This article is tied up with the basic knowledge about Spelling about which everyone should know.

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No matter what the stage of learning is, this article will help you out in the basic learning of Spelling and take tests with the best learning tool i.e. SpellQuiz that teaches spelling words by conducting different spelling quizzes.

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