Looking for a fuel-efficient commuter motorcycle

Looking for a fuel-efficient commuter motorcycle


If your motorcycle, offers you more kilometres per litre it becomes helpful when petrol prices fluctuate frequently. Therefore, whenever you are going to buy a motorcycle, mileage is to be considered as a key factor. Consumer behaviour changes on even a little difference in the mileage of two different bikes. The industry also responds to this behaviour and offers solution at varied prices. If you are looking for suggestions on a fuel-efficient commuter motorcycle then you have come to the right place. You can own great motorcycles for a fair price, with shipping added to transporting your motorcycle to your door step. Here are the top 6 most fuel-efficient commuter motorcycles in India with their general specifications.

Hero Splendor Plus i3S

The Splendor by Hero was launched in 1994 and since then it has been claimed to be one of the topmost fuel-efficient motorcycles in India. It is available in many different specifications including Splendor Plus i3s with an on-road price around Rs.63,000. It has a single cylinder and air-cooled engine with a displacement of 97.2 cc. It might sound less but only until you consider its mileage that is 102.5 kmpl. It gears up a maximum power of 8.3 ps at 8,000 rpm.

TVS Sport

TVS Sport 97cc with a mileage of 95 kmpl is another budget-friendly choice for ultimate fuel-efficiency. It can produce a power up to7.4 ps at7500 rpm. An incredible combination of style, pricing and considerably high mileage levels makes TVS Sport one of the most popular commuter motorcycles in India with excellent fueleconomy. Prices of TVS Sport starts from Rs.41,000 approx.

Bajaj CT100

Bajaj CT 100 is powered by a 102cc 4-stroke single cylinder. The engine is powered by a 99.7cc unit that provides 8.2ps at 7500rpm. The claimed mileage of CT100 is 90kmpl. The ex-showroom price is around Rs.33,000 making it an affordable choice.

Bajaj Platina 110

Bajaj Platina 110 is also a popular choice for an efficient combo of engine cc, mileage, and maximum power. The claimed mileage of Bajaj Platina 110 is 80 kmplwith a displacement of 115cc. It has an overall riding range of 280km with a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres. Bajaj Platina 110 belts a maximum power of 7.9 ps at 7,500 rpm. The ex-showroom price ofPlatina 110 is around Rs.50,000.

Hero HF Deluxe

The engine of HF Deluxe is powered by a 97.2cc single-cylinder unit which is combined to a 4-speed gearbox. Hero claims to offer a mileage of 88.5 kmpl. The on-road price of the bike in Delhi amounts nearly to Rs.47,000

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