Avoid Breakdowns! Here’s How to Keep your Baking Tools in Top-Notch Condition

Avoid Breakdowns! Here’s How to Keep your Baking Tools in Top-Notch Condition


If you thought baking whenever you want so that you can end up with tempting delicacies whenever you like was easy, wait till you actually begin the baking process. However, if you thought that was the only hurdle you have to overcome, wait till you try your hand at maintaining and cleaning your bake ware accessories. No, we are not trying to scare you off from baking forever; we are just here to make the process of looking after your tools and equipment easier.

Here is how you can ensure they are in top-notch condition even years down the line.

Pastry brushes

While you can put pastry brushes in the dishwasher to remove oil and odor, you can also wash it with hot soapy water. Do this by soaking the brush in a standard bleach solution for 15 minutes, so that you can sanitize it well.

Rolling pins

A busy rolling pin is a sign that you are a regular baker. However, wooden rolling pins wear off as time passes by as it absorbs the natural oils of the dough they touch. Whatever you do, do not wash a rolling pin with soap. You can scrape the pin from any dough with a plastic or wooden scraper. Following this, wipe it down with hot water and dry with a lint-free cloth. To enhance its shelf life, rub the pin with mineral once or twice a month.

Baking stones

Baking stones are almost always susceptible to stains. This is because they end up with a layer of polymerized fat over time that leaves you with a non-stick surface. While staining is normal, you can clean it up easily by scraping off the debris and wiping it down with hot water. For a more rigorous job, make use of a wire bristled brush and a little bit of hot water. If the stones develop an uneven surface over the years, you can easily fix this by using sandpaper to lightly sand it before wiping it clean.

Baking trays

Your baking tray can get greasy or begin to accumulate burnt food but there is nothing that a little elbow grease can’t fix. Wipe away as much grease as you can with a paper towel. Following this, fill the sink with hot water and put in a small amount of dishwashing liquid. After soaking the tray for an hour, any grease or dirt that is accumulated will easily come off once you start to lightly scrub it. If you want you can pop it in the dishwasher for final cleanup.

Other elements to pay attention to

It is important to clean with the right products to prolong the shelf life of your equipment. Handle worn-out pieces with care, especially if you see loose pieces or a few that require good oiling. Repairing things right away instead of prolonging it can also prevent breakdowns. Make sure you also stock up on spare parts. Also, see that you follow the usage instructions and guidelines of the manufacturer carefully. This helps you maintain the machine in a better way.

While cleaning your baking tools regularly is a prerequisite, you need to follow a particular routine to do so. Equipment failure usually takes place owing to a lack of cleaning. Besides this, it is unsanitary to leave particles of flour, baking oils and pieces of dough on your appliances as buildup can lead to improper functioning. So, there you have it,. Now that you know how to tackle those dirty baking tools by making the most of these techniques all that is left to do is bake away!

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