What Are the Reasons for Sewer Blockage or Overflow?

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A clog can form and lodge itself almost anywhere, but a thorough investigation will assist to restrict the range of possibilities. You will be able to see exactly what is going on and who or what is being affected by the situation. If a section of the water and sewer main becomes clogged, the problem is likely to spread throughout the entire family or business. In the event that something is caught in one of sublines, whatever is going on will most likely be restricted to a certain location or segment of the building.

Tree roots

It is commonly acknowledged that tree roots are the most common source of jams and blockages in water and sewer mains. Even while it is more typical to see tree roots penetrating the pipes of older homes, tree roots can infiltrate any type of plumbing system.

Paper Products

From toilet paper to light cardboard to paper to a towel to facial tissue to baby diapers to feminine hygiene items to “flushable wipes,” a variety of products can be damaging to the drainage system and should be avoided if at all possible. Because they are non-biodegradable, they do not dissolve when flushed and can only fit into the pipe if the water is turned off. These materials are a danger to both residential and business systems. Cotton and other fibers used in feminine hygiene products and newborn diapers have a high way of attracting other potential blockage agents and cause the drains to become clogged.

Because of the way sewer treatment is constructed, it contains only bacteria that decompose human waste and nothing else. It is best not to flush non-biodegradable stuff down the toilet.

Kitchen Waste

Avoid flushing food particles or garbage down the toilet, the bathtub drains, or the laundry drain! This is due to the fact that some of these items may be hard, sticky, or stringy, making them unsuitable in a water pipe. If you’re in this situation and looking for a plumber North Sydney, you can contact Wilco plumbing for the best services.


Hair that falls from your body as you shower or shave might build and produce a delayed flow or a total blockage of your drain. Drains should be protected with tiny screens, and hair should be swept out of sinks. It will be really beneficial to clean your hairbrush in the trash bin.

Scales from Pipe

Mineral deposits from dissolving calcium and magnesium, as well as other metallic compounds left behind when water passes, can accumulate in your drains and clog it. As a naturally occurring product, scales react to changes in temperature, humidity level, and wet/dry condition in the pipes. When it first appears, it congregates in a single location until it grows large enough to cause a clog.

Aging of Pipe

Pipes can get disintegrated and descend with time, and the soil beneath them might erode, causing the pipe to droop and collapse. Pipes can move as a result of seasonal changes, particularly in the winter, as a result of the pressure created by the freeze-thaw cycle. This has the potential to harm modern-day pipes as well.

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