Make a List of Cheap Dedicated Server Before Switching from shared Hosting

Make a List of Cheap Dedicated Server Before Switching from shared Hosting


What is a dedicated server? – Onlive Server 

With the help of a Germany Cheap Dedicated Server, the website will be provided with a server personally. There is no competition between bandwidth. The website will not suffer due to a sudden spike in traffic. The customer will be able to browse the website with fairly low loading time. This will help the company to run the website without any problem. Hosting service is very important for the e-commerce companies.

When is a dedicated website required by a company?

A company starts the e-commerce market with shared hosting. There is a requirement of Cheap Dedicated Server under the following conditions:-

  • The e-commerce website is designed to stock more than thirty products. There are regular visits from customers on the website.
  • In a week, the website has to receive thousands of customers thus high traffic volume.

Is a cheap dedicated server economical?

A Cheap Dedicated Server may not the best option. It may score much lesser in functionality than other servers. Hence price may not be the only suitable factor. An optimum priced server which is both affordable and workable should be the goal rather. Many companies gain popularity in the market by offering promotional prices. They are cheap and comes with 1-year validation. The hosting companies are getting huge publicity through these marketing strategies. After the end of the promotion period, certain discounted prices are offered to potential customers. Thus indirectly the prices got down drastically.

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  • Gaming Dedicated Server: Multi-player online games require a high-speed internet connection. The players should be able to perform gaming uninterruptedly throughout the day. A variety of games can be run simultaneously only on one server. CPU and RAM are completely incorporated for the user. Also regarding online gaming, network dropping is a big issue. The gaming cheap dedicated server is enough potent to prevent any such inconvenience. The person can now become the host in P2P hosting. Gaming will increase its efficiency regarding performance and stability.
  • Storage Dedicated Server: Digital data, files and services are handled with the help of storage server. Accessibility, security, manageability and storing the documents are ensured by these servers. It has more storage space than a normal server. It can be used to backup important data. Storage networking technologies use storage server most frequently. Direct Attached Storage is an example of such technology. Hot swapping is another advantage of a storage server. Without shutting down the service, the defective disc can be replaced with a new one from the Germany Dedicated server.
  • Windows Dedicated Server: The hosting service of Windows is more suitable when the range of products are compatible with Microsoft. Configuration and maintenance will be hassle-free. The technical team will take care of it. The operations will now run smoothly with the help of Germany Dedicated Server.
  • Linux Dedicated Server: Linux belongs to an open-source software system. This cheap dedicated server supports multiple databases. It supports various scripting languages. The companies will get a reliable option in terms of server at a cheap price. It is a Unix-like operating system. The configuration of Linux is designed according to LAMP. Running and managing the online portal can be done with the help of this. Industry-standard web hosting becomes easier with its help. CPanel is an example of this. It keeps the website free from hacks and frauds.
  • Proxy Dedicated Server: The user can change the real IP address using a proxy dedicated server. In this way, online information can be secured. The browsing speed of internet also increases. The proxy server acts as connecting lin between the web user and the destination website. The request of the user through the digital device is received. It is properly mechanized by the proxy and not real server. Finally, the request goes to the destination. For surfing web unanimously and avoid censorship, Proxy or private server is beneficial.
  • VPN Dedicated Server: A user is provided with a confidential IP address. Through a VPN server, the user can share the IP with another person. Dedicated IP has better suitability than shared IP. The user will have the least chance to be blacklisted. The IP verification process will be hassle-free. Working from home will be more comfortable with faster email send. CAPTCHA cannot be avoided when operating using a VPN. If it is suspected to be a scammer account, the system will automatically generate several CAPTCHAs. With a dedicated IP, there will be no such issue. Just a single CAPTCHA code will be generated, not more than that.
  • VOIP Dedicated Server: Voice Over Internet Protocol is meant for business organizations for connecting globally. For proper functioning of VOIP, a dedicated server is essential. The telecommunication sector will get to be benefitted. Data processing is done through VOIP. The incoming requests of the clients can be received and answered. VOIP reduces the use of landline telephones. Thus the costly phone bills are avoided. It gives some added features over calling like routing and call diverting. To announce something over the phone, the voice message can be recorded. It is made to hear everyone by dialling some array of numbers.
  • Streaming Dedicated Server: Streaming live video and audio is possible by this variety of server. There is an added advantage with a streaming server. Installing additional software is facilitated using a streaming server. Streaming means the uninterrupted transmission of content from the server to the users on the web. The transmission medium is an internet-connected device like mobile and laptop. In the world of digital marketing, web content must be surveyed to potential customers. Video and audio streaming can be the fittest option for publicity. 

Germany Dedicated Server is required for the growth and economic development of the organization. Because the website connects to the users through this server. A cheap dedicated server is always preferred as an affordable option. Now it is the responsibility of the hosting companies to make the website popular among the masses. Hosting service and e-commerce is maintaining a symbiotic relationship.

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