Is VPS Hosting The Right Choice for Running a Game Server?

VPS Hosting


Web-based applications have been constantly evolving over the last decade. Online games, which started as a basic entertainment service, have now evolved into a large industry. Hosting companies offering website hosting services have tried to cope with the changing needs of the gaming industry and offer different types of servers to help them run games seamlessly with optimum user experience.

Most businesses launching online games try to buy game servers so that they have complete control over them and customize the server as per their needs. This can be cost-intensive. Hence, some businesses opt for a Dedicated, Cloud, or VPS Server to host and run their online games.

In this article, we will be looking at VPS Hosting and assess if it is the right choice for running a game server. This can help you assess your options before you decide to buy VPS Hosting.

Before we begin, let’s understand Virtual Server Hosting:

In VPS Server Hosting, your website, application, or game is hosted on a virtual server. This is created by using server virtualization and dividing a physical web server into multiple virtual servers. The host ensures that each virtual server is isolated from the others, has dedicated resources, and has full root access, allowing it to function as a dedicated server at a lower cost.

What do you need from a gaming server?

While every game will have a specific requirement, here are some basic things that you would need from a gaming server:

  • Depending on the size of the game and the number of users you intend to attract, the gaming server can need a huge amount of storage.
  • Most online games are time-sensitive and require users to react to situations quickly. This means that the game server needs to have a low ping value and respond to the user’s reactions in an equally brisk manner.
  • If you are launching a multi-player game, then you would need a game server that can handle several simultaneous requests.

Is VPS Hosting good for a gaming server?

When you buy VPS Hosting, you can choose the storage based on your site’s needs. Also, if the number of users increases, you can add resources within no time. Since each VPS Server has dedicated resources and full root access, you can set up and manage your game server easily. Further, Managed VPS Hosting services ensure that a team of technical experts take care of the server upkeep allowing you more time and resources to establish and grow your gaming community. While a Dedicated Server can offer similar features, a VPS Server comes at a much lower cost with similar features making it a more cost-efficient option for your gaming server.

In a nutshell, VPS Hosting can be a good choice for your gaming server.

Summing Up

While VPS Hosting offers everything that a gaming server needs, we would like to reiterate that every game is different and needs a specific hosting environment. Therefore, ensure that you assess your gaming server needs and compare hosting options before making a purchase. Good Luck!

If you are confused between a Cloud Hosting Server and a VPS Server, check out the following video:

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