Importance of Biology in Human Life

Importance of Biology in Human Life


Biology is the fundamental science that comprises the study of life, the living and non-living things along with biotic and abiotic components of the environment, and their evolutions. The subject Biology is quite an interesting subject which is all about experiments, discoveries and a lot more.

Primarily, Biology is a subject which provides solutions for all the fundamental questions such as what is life, what is a cell and also about the tissues, organs, the composition of blood, excretion, digestion, reproduction and a lot more.

Secondly, Biology helps us by implementing complete knowledge about the various source of nutrition along with their health benefits to our body.

Furthermore, it also helps us by giving complete knowledge about the different types of nutrition available along with their benefits to our body.

Biology and Human Life

There are many phrases that point out the importance of biology in human life. Let us explore how different areas of biology play a significant role in various aspects of our life like the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the place where we reside, the different things which are essential for our daily lives, and other activities in which we are engaged in. Listed below are few of them:

Ranging from human anatomy, physiology, immunology, genetics, are different section in Biology, which explain in detail about the different human body parts name along with their specialized functions, cells and cellular activities, gene, genome, biomolecules and other elements involved in the making the human body.

As there are a variety of living organisms existing on the planet earth. With the help of taxonomy, we have discovered the significance and how to classify the different living species based on their physical structure and functions, mode of nutrition, mode of reproduction and other habitats. With the help of biology, today we are able to understand the need and the importance of biological classification of living organisms and the history behind the biological classification

Biology has a strong connection between ancient medicines, modern technologies and treatments available for curing several diseases. Pharmacology, Medical biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and other disciplines in biology has helped in recognising the primary purposes of certain infections and disorders, along with their symptoms, mode of transmission, different methods of treatments, preventive measure and eradication of diseases.

Apart from the above points, Biology also helps us to learn the significance of different basic life processes that takes place from our birth till the death, which includes growth and developments, cell cycle, cell differentiation, cell division, metabolism, digestion, respiration, protein synthesis, reproduction, the formation of new cells, circulation, excretion, and other life processes in all living organisms.

Furthermore, the significance of biology can be the key to the formation of a healthy biosphere where we all are living today. It teaches us about the different form of life present on this planet and how plants play an important role in the existence of life on the earth compared to other planets in the solar system. It is all because of Biology, today we are able to understand the process of photosynthesis – how plants prepare their food and also the different types of plants movement, including the tropic movements towards or away from a stimulus and nastic movements – response to an external stimulus.

There are many related fields that require a strong foundation of biology, which includes anatomy, botany, genetics, biotechnology, immunology, psychology, ecology, molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, zoology, etc.

Besides these points, Biology helps human life in many ways. Therefore, Biology is one of the basic subjects that everyone has to study in their academics, as it helps in shaping students career. Be it a teacher or a doctor, chemist or technician, environmentalist or psychologist, scientist, or an engineer, studying the fundamental aspects of life can be a useful tool in any chosen field of science.

These are the just some of the few importance of Biology. For more points about the importance of Biology in human life and other

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