Easy way to get National Police Check Australia

Easy way to get National Police Check Australia


Inter Check Australia is an internet-based intuitive ordering system that simplifies contacting police checks. As a reputable national police check Australia, we have accreditation from the Australian Government in the Criminal Intelligence Commission sector. Whenever we lodge a police check application, it’s directly sent to the National Criminal History Database System. Our checks are widely recognized for essential compliance purposes. Once the checking process is complete, we will send you an SMS once the certification is delivered to us.

Choose What You Want to Check

If you are conducting the police check for employment or commercial uses, select the Standard police check. In case the check you are conducting is for unpaid volunteer job or work placement, you have to choose the Volunteer Check.

Make the Payment

Pay for the police check online using any of the well-known credit cards. We use a secure ANZ’s E-Gate payment system that allows for instant payments. Once you are done sending the payment, you will be allowed to access the account dashboard and handle all the remaining processes. And the good news, those logged in can log out and in whenever they want to complete their applications.

Post the Certified ID Documents

You’ve paid for the application and filled the form. Now, get the necessary identity documents and submit them to us. You have got the option of sending the documents via the police post or uploading them electronically. If you want, you may as well upload take and upload a photo of you holding the ID. Ensure a professional witness before uploading certifies the ID.

Access the Account Any Time

Keep on checking your account to know the status of your national police check. After we have received reports from the Police Checking authorities, we will update our systems immediately. We will as well send a notification message to the email you provided or an SMS to your phone number. You won’t have to visit any physical offices to get the certificate. That’s true since you can easily download the certificate whenever you want using our secure account.

We are the most trusted online national police check Australia service. We endeavor to return client checks in less than two days. While some check may be delayed for up to 5 days, if you are lucky, your check will be ready in two days. Making things more interesting is our easy to operate portable and our talented and reliable staff. Our payment methods are flexible and secure, and let you complete your application in minutes. Whatever issues you come across while filling the application and completing the national police checks, our friendly client support agents will be readily available to serve you at any time.

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