Do Australians Need Visa to Visit Dubai?

Do Australians Need Visa to Visit Dubai


Of course, it is essential for Australians to have their visa to visit Dubai. What kind of visa will be needed by you depends on a number of factors, some of them being- your purpose for visit, your nationality and the duration for which you will be residing there. In case of being an Australian citizen, your visa will be issued for 30 days on arrival counting from the date of entry. You need to follow some norms after getting your Australian Tourist Visa. You can get the visa only if you have your normal passport valid for next 6 months.

The validity of the Visa

Multiple entries are allowed on a single visa. One can enjoy the validity of visa for 30 days. The visa is valid even if one lives outside UAE. The number of days visa holders live outside UAE will be included in the 30 days validity. If you are an Australian citizen who does have a valid passport then you can travel to UAE without prior visa arrangements. You can simply visit the place without any hassle.

Norms to follow

You can take both direct and indirect flight to Abu Dhabi International Airport and complete your immigration process. You will have your visa stamped for 30 days visit without a single penny. However, you will have to handle additional charges in case you need to extend the visa for more number of days. If you are not enlisted on the specific visa list you won’t be able to receive any help from Australian Ground facilitating the USA visa. It takes a minimum of 7 days to complete your visa work and you can get it done by the any trusted company in Dubai from Australian destination.

Immediate application for Visa

In case of need, one can immediately apply for Australian Visitor Visa. As you plan your visit to UAE from Australia you can approach any reputed company for arranging the Emirates Visa documents at a more convenient cost. You just have to look at the back of your UAE visa for norms which will be based on your intention of stay. Out of several visa categories available you can go for any visa that suits your need. You can also get a Transit Visa valid for 14 days. However, these are only one-time entry visas and once you leave the country you can immediately apply for your next visa.

Different Types of Visa

You can have your Transit b Visa which is valid is 30 days. They are also good for only single entry and if you have to get them reissued before next entry. These visas are required in case you have immigrated from Australia to Dubai. There is also Tourist Visa A for emergencies and it is again valid for 14 days. This will serve you for single entry and you can make application for the second visa only after 30 days from exit date. You can make use of Tourist Visa B which is valid for 60 days and you can reissue it after 30 days of exit date.

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