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about Police Check in NSW


Police checks are commonplace as a lot of volunteer and job positions need them to start work. For both employees and businesses alike, police checks must be done thoroughly and quickly. To keep away from delays in the hiring process and to make sure the employee is the best fit for the position.

Police checks before were a time-consuming process, needing verification in the written forms which need to be posted. Phone and online verification tools have made this process much easier. And also faster compared in the past while still maintaining its accuracy. Police checks in New South Wales (NSW) comprise criminal information from all territories and states. NSW police checks must be managed by an agency to ensure its security and accuracy. Like the (ACIC) Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

What is a national police check?

A national police check is a synopsis of any individual’s police history details in Australia. Checks can be done on anyone residing in Australia or Australian citizens. It is a government service given to either organization or an individual for employment. Occupation-related licensing, voluntary work, or registration purposes.

Two ways you can get your National Police Check in NSW:

  • Using an ACIC accredited NSW online police check provider, or
  • At a local NSW police station

When you’re thinking about legitimacy, there’s no difference in the police check you will get from either source. As long as it is a legitimate police check, an online provider that is accredited with the ACIC. The whole process you will take is the main difference between the two. Once you order your police check online from a credible police check provider like Crime Check Australia. You can enjoy remarkably rapid turnaround times.

The 100% online service lets you complete your crime check application anytime and anywhere that is convenient to you. What you need is to have a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Also, the same needed documents a police station needs. The application process only needs a little time to complete.

Why do employers need them?

A lot of employers would look for a police check, to lessen the chance of fraud, theft, or other criminal activity. Done by a potential new employee. Yet, in industries where the elderly or any vulnerable communities. Employees are working with kids, police checks are important for an organization to manage out employing people. To identify who are the offenders before, because most of the employer believes that a criminal record is important to a job. They need to state this in the job clearly.

 A lot of industries need new police check every 5 years. This includes those who need to work with children’s checks. There is some situation that needs a police check to be conducted more often. You can also check to know more.

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