Benefits Offered By Coding Test during Interview

Benefits Offered By Coding Test during Interview


Technical hiring starts with interviewing graduate trainees, developers, architects, and team leaders and many more things. It is humanly impossible to assess the coding skill of a candidate just with an interview. You may think that objective test with technical questions will solve this problem. But, the reality is different. It is important to ask candidates appear for an interview to take coding test. Will they agree or not may be a question on one side, on the other hand as an employer you get convinced to give a test as part of the interview.

What Is Coding Test

If your company wants to hire C# developers, then you must ask them to take the online C# test. This test is not the one that has questions talking about basic concepts alone. But the test that will incorporate issues to understand how the developer can leverage the functionality offered by.Net framework library. In simple words call the candidate to your office and give them a PC to do the real-time coding what your actual developers does on a daily basis. This is called coding test and not the college exam questions like writing a program etc

Why Coding Test

The purpose of a developer is not to coordinate with the client alone, but to code the project. Every developer or a team member should work independently. Module work does not work anymore. Each resource is expected to design, code and test. For fulfilling that need of the business, the best way is to spend half a day with support to allow them design and code a project as part of the interview.

Advantages of Coding Test during Interview

As mentioned above, if candidates strictly take code test before the interview, both candidate and company will know the standard of the resource. The company will decide to hire based on the performance and candidate will know where they stand.Even if they don’t get the desired job, still the test helps them to improve in the areas where they lack skill.

Making an offer is easy as both the parties will stand on a common platform. No more pain in negotiating salary with candidates during an interview. Resources also do not feel dejected for their underpaid as they are aware of their standard.

The interview process can take less time as coding test result will give an insight into the candidate. Cost is saved as another technical billable resource need not spend more time interviewing the candidate. Time is also saved for both the interviewer and interviewee. The coding result can be evaluated during free time, and hence interviewer focuses on the other jobs. Candidate need not wait for the technical interview as they start their coding test from anywhere and anytime.

Overall, software developer interview process is simple and effective when coding is part of the recruitment process. Every company must brainstorm in these lines and get support from online test providers to administer the test and focus only on expanding their business. The technical interview is no longer acceptable to hire any professional resource and coding test is mandatory

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