Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop Rental

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop Rental


Laptop Rental is an alternative that is quickly gaining recognition.  There are many pros and cons associated with renting a laptop. Whether getting a laptop on rent is the right option for you or not is completely dependent on several factors, including usage of the laptop, software needed in the laptop for working, etc.

We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of laptop rental, which may help you in making your decision- whether you should buy a laptop or hire a laptop on rent.

Plus Points of Getting A Laptop on Rent

  1. When you decide to take a laptop on rent, the first thing that comes to your mind is its cost. When you go for buying a PC or laptop then you will have to make a heft payment upfront. These days, there is a “NO INTEREST EMI” facility available to the buyers but in this case also you have to make down payment, which is some percentage of the actual amount of the laptop or PC. This option is not accessible to those who don’t have good credit score. So, instead of paying a heavy initial amount on procuring this device, it’s beneficial to get it on rent.
  1. Secondly, almost all laptop rental stores may offer you a range of laptops at similar rental rates. Whether you wish to rent a gaming laptop, tablet PC, convertible laptop, or any other type of laptop, they are available on rent at normal rates so anyone can take laptop on rent of their choice.
  1. The next plus point of laptop rental is that you don’t have to stress yourself about maintenance of your laptop. In contrast to purchasing a computer, when you take a laptop on rent then you don’t need to get it upgraded, buy antivirus, or invest in other basic services. All of these are available beforehand when you hire a laptop. This way you can also save a lot of money.
  1. Last but not the least, in almost all laptop rental cases, it comes with laptop accessories that are necessary for using it. The best part about this facility is that you don’t have to make any extra payment; it’s all included in the rental amount.

Down Sides of Laptop Rental

  1. Taking a laptop on rent has its own disadvantages. The downsides of laptop rental include the fact that you’re not the owner of this device. No matter how much you like it, it’s not your personal possession. Your laptop rental store may even give you a choice to buy the laptop that you are using from a certain period but you must know that you may end up spending more money if you buy it from the rental store than buying a new device.
  2. Another negative point of laptop hiring is that if you’re unable to make the monthly laptop rent then they may send someone to recover the amount. This means you have to timely make the rent payment if you don’t want anyone to personally come to your place for re-claiming the amount.
  3. When you decide to take a laptop on rent then one thing that you will experience at the laptop rental shops is that they offer you some outdated laptops that have older versions of software. Such laptops won’t work as per your expectations. So, it’s crucial to wisely choose a laptop when you renting it.

Over to You

Dependent on your needs, you can rent a laptop and save the money that you would have otherwise spent on buying a new laptop. It’s very important to first analyse the usage of this device; if you just have to complete projects that you get once in a while then you must get a laptop on rent; on the other hand, if you regularly need it for your work then you may buy it.

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